February 2 2009

One Year Later, Venting continues

I just realized I have had this page for one year.  Well, this one sure as hell is not one I should be proud of, but hey, life is one big roller coaster road of hell.  And this one was another ripper from the heart...  it ain't one for the weak minded........if you don't want to hear some pessimistic sumbitch cryin' and screamin', then turn this off.

January 10 2009

Smackdown commentary about the new Jeff Hardy angle

I did this last friday night, right after Smackdown, to talk about the Jeff Hardy angle that will eventually reintroduce Christian Cage to the WWE.  I also talk about the possibilites of a new side project that may come to fruititon to complement the column and the podcast page.

I needed to vent…

This is not for the person who wants to hear good debate.  It's just me venting and trying to be philospohical.  Truth be told, I shouldn't even publish this, but I am, because,  well, I don't know, I just am.  After yesterday,  I need to talk to someone.

January 3 2009

I’m a mess today…

And I needed to vent..  Why I did it to the entire civilized world is beyond me, but that's my cross to bear.  If you listen to this, and think I'm a mess, well, you're right.

December 13 2008

A little look inside the most lethal area in history

A little peek in to the interiors of my brain and my emotions, one area I don't recommend anyone entering if you are of the weak at heart, or don't want to hear someone who can almost be sounding as a sniveling parent.

And yes, it is me.  I am the sniveling idiot in this piece.


Some comments on WWE & TNA post Smackdown

After watching Smackdown last night, some thoughts creeped in to my head, and I was too lazy to type them.  Also, with a picks column due this weekend, I thought it'd be cool to have a podcast to publish alongside it again.

December 6 2008

Thoughts on TNA and Final Resolution

I had some thoughts I had to talk about with regard to TNA and Final Resolution, along with other topics and random ramblings from the rambling Palace Dweller.

November 2 2008


With all that has gone on in my life over the last week that was supposed to be for rest and recharge, I need to talk, and I need to vent.  I don't know if this is the best place to do it, but right now, it's the only place I've got.  So here's some more venting of personal emotions out of me.  If you're not interested in some semi-intense stuff, this podcast is not for you.


October 30 2008

No Subject

I needed to vent.  This is about a lot of things, all personal.  I'm sharing because to me, it helps me to try and move on.


October 25 2008

The Palace Podcast Returns

For the first time in nearly 6 months, The Palace Podcast is back.  Fresh off my appearance on the Pro Wrestling Rewind this weekend, which will be archived on www.wrestleview.com/rewind later this weekend, I have some followup thoughts on TNA's Live Impact broadcast from Las Vegas, Nevada, as well as other aspects of the TNA Product.

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